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Useful Resouces for Catholics

Links to other NZ Sites:

  • Catholic Piblications Centre (CPC) - Publishers and Retailers of Mass Requirement books for Clergy & Parishioners - see our online shop -

  • FaithCentral NZ - Curricula on Faith Topics for NZ Schools. (provided by NZCEO & NCRS) -

  • NZ Catholic Enquiry Centre - This website is for everyone who wants to know about the Catholic Faith -

  • Worshipping Under Southern Skies - Introducing changes to the Mass -

  • World Youth Day - June 2008 in Sydney -

Links to Overseas Sites:

  • Catechism of the Catholic Church - Very comprehensive -

  • CathLink Australia - Search / find literature on all things Catholic -

  • Catholic Adult Education Centre (Sydney) - Sydney Archdiocesan courses on the Catholic faith, lectures, workshops, Lenten program, and bookshop. Also publishes the Alternatives newsletter and the periodical INFORM on issues of faith and life matters -

  • Catholic Catechist - The Source for comprehensive teaching resources including lesson plans, games, icebreakers, worksheets and many other useful ideas to help you save time and money! -

  • Catholic Educators Resources - Lesson plans, clip art, coloring pages, crossword puzzles, newsletter for Catholic catechists, teachers, DREs, parents and all involved in the education of the faith -

  • Catholic Resources for Bible, Liturgy, and More - Liturgical items plus a section of photos of Rome, etc -

  • CathPort - A comprehensive guide to resources from around the world -

  • Daily Prayer in the Classroom - Composed and supplied by the Parramatta Diocese Catholic Education Office -

  • Fathers of the Church - Translations of patristic writings; see what the early Church taught and believed -

  • Mary - the Virgin Mother of Jesus Christ - The Marian Library holds the world's largest collection of printed materials on the Blessed Virgin -

  • New Advent - Links to a wide range of resources, including the Catholic Encyclopedia, Summa Theologica and Lay Organisations -

  • Peter's Net Catholic Search Engine - Searches many Catholic sites, giving a rating for fidelity to the Church, quality of resources and organisation -

  • The Nazareth Resource Library - an excellent resource -

  • Theology Library - Spring Hill - Simple site with many resources -

Links to Religious Clipart:

  • HermanoLeón Clipart - Free -

  • Clipart Guide - need to create a Login account to use them -

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