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National Catholic Organisations - 2007


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National Liturgy Commission.
This Commission is responsible for the development of liturgical understanding and practice in NZ. It provides the bishops with a pool of expertise in liturgical and related areas. Contact us

National Office for Professional Standards.
This office was established in 2004 to assist dioceses, religious orders and complaintants by providing an independent review of sexual abuse complaints that have not had a satisfactory outcome. The objective is to assure consistency throughout NZ in the application of policies and best practices. A further aim is to encourage research into the wider causes and effects of abuse. Contact us

NZ Catholic Bishops' Conference.
The Conference consists of all the Bishops of NZ, including Auxilliary and Coadjutor Bishops. It deals with matters of mutual interest and directs agencies dealing with national concerns such as in education, communications, liturgy and youth. The Conference meets twice a year. Contact us

NZ Catholic Education Office.
This Office assists both the Bishops' Conference and proprietors of Catholic integrated schools in their mission of providing Catholic education. It works with schools and diocesan educational bodies to promote an understanding of Catholic education. The Office liases with government departments and a range of other organisations on matters relating to integrated schools. Contact us

NZ Catholic Primary Principals' Association.
The Association represents members of the six diocesan Catholic principals' associations. Its purpose is to support principals in the delivery of quality Catholic education in NZ Catholic primary schools. Contact us

NZ Community for Christian Meditation.
The World Community for Christian Meditation is an international organisation of meditators whose practice of this universal tradition is rooted in the teachings of the Gospels and the early Christian monastic methods of prayer and contemplation. Forgotten over the centuries, this aspect of Christian spirituality in the life of the Church was rediscovered and revived by Fr. John Main, OSB (1926-1982), a Benedictine monk who in the 1970s reintroduced it into the lives of religious and lay people alike. Here in New Zealand there are meditation groups in many cities and towns meeting regularly in churches, community halls and private homes. To find out more visit:

Opus Dei. Personal Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei
Has international scope with a curia in Rome. Its aim is to spread, in all spheres of society, awareness of the universal call to holiness and apostolate in the fulfilment of professional work. Contact us

Passionist Family Group Movement.
Established throughout NZ and Australia. The motto 'A Family for All', means that no one is excluded from joining. One of the goals is to build community within the parish and this is done by allowing people to get to know one another through creating 'extended families' within the parish. Groups have around 35-40 members including children. Contact us

Pax Christi Trust. Auckland
The NZ section of the international Catholic Peace Movement, which has a presence in more than 30 countries and is represented at the United Nations in New York and UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva. Through a process of prayer, study and action it works at local community, national and international level for peace for all. Contact us

Pioneer Total Abstinence Accociation of the Sacred Heart.
Members abstain from alcohol and pray daily for temperance in the world. Contact us

Pontifical Mission Societies.
The 3 societies are: the Propagation of the Faith, St Peter the Apostle and Holy Childhood, and are the main support of Catholic Missions everywhere. Contact us

Religious Education Team. Auckland
Co-ordinates for the diocese the adult extramural courses, Wlk by Faith and Christian damily Life Education. Offers leader training and resources for those involved in the parish sacramental programmes for Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist and Reconciliation, and those involved in parish programmes for children not at Catholic schools.Contact us

Secular Francisan Order.
Members of the Secular Fransciscan Order (SFO) seek to build gospel fraternity and serve in sincereity the Church and the human family. Contact us

Serra International.
Fosters and promotes vocations to the ministerial priesthood as a particular vocation to service. It develops appreciation of priestly and religious vocations and aims to encourage Catholic fellowship and theChristian vocation of service. Contact us

Sexual Abuse Protocol Committees.
Committes have been appointed by each diocesan bishp to receive and act upon allegations of sexual abuse concerning Church personnel. Confidentiality is assured. Contact us

Society of St Vincent de Paul. Wellington
An internationallay organisation, Catholic in character, welcoming all who, through personal contact, seek to relieve those in need without regard to wealth, position, religion, social status or ethnic origin. In promoting human dignity and integrity, the Society works to redress situations which adversly affect peoples' position. Contact us

Te Runanga o te Hahi Katorika ki Aotearoa.
A national council of Maori representatives of laity, religious and clergy, who support and advisethe Maori Bishop in decision making with the NZ Catholic Bishops' Conference in all matters relating to the pastoral care of Maori people. Contact us

Te Kainga. Wellington
Literally meaning 'the home' where the person (he tangata) and the family may be at home. Te Kainga is a marae where Catholic Maori in Wellington have the opportunity to enhance and protcet their spiritual, cultural, educational and economic aspirations in a setting of excellence. Te Kainga is centred around reflecting the values of Maoritanga and Catholicism in everything. Contact us

Te Kahu o te Rangi. Wellington
A body providing Maori Catholics with lines of communication and unity within the Archdiocese of Whanganui-a-Tara. Contact us

Tribunal of the Catholic Church of NZ.
The national Trinunalacts on behalf of each NZ diocese. It investigates each marriage put before it and after a study of the evidence, decides if the marriage is valid or invalid. Canon Law requires every diocese to have such a tribunal. Contact us

Workplace Support. (Formerly the Inter-Church Trade & Industry Mission)
A Christian Mission providing employees assistance programmes to workplaces throughout NZ. It has developed a reputation for provision of high quality professional support from a firm foundation of Christian ethics and values. Services provided include on-site staff support (chaplaincy), counselling and supervision, training and development, crisis management and human resource consultancy. Contact us

Walk by Faith. (see NCRS)
This is a 3 year extramural course, which uses adult learning processes to help people understand themselves better and deepen their faith. It aims to enrich participants knowledge of Jesus Christ, the Scriptures and the Church. The course is directed by the National Centre for Religious Studies. It is run through diocesan Religious Education offics. Contact us

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