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National Catholic Organisations - 2007

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Apostleship of the Sea
Part of the Rome Council for Migrants and Itenerants. In NZ it works with the Missions to Seamen and the International Seafarers' Society to provide hospitality and spiritual needs in Seafarers' Centres, which can be found in most NZ ports. Contact us

Apostolic Nunciature
This is the office for the Pope's permanent representative to local churches and to Governments. While it's primary purpose is to strengthen unity between the Holy See and the local Churches, it also works with civil authorities to advance international co-operation and peace for NZ and ten Pacific countries. Contact us

Association of Christian Spiritual Directors
The ASCD aims to encourage and actively promote spiritual direction and provides ongoing professional support, training and supervision to spiritual directors. Contact us

Accent Publications
We sell books with a NZ spirituality focus and also try to provide some links to good liturgy sites
and keep up a list of events that are on around the country both Catholic and Ecumenical. Contact us

Canon Law Commission
Advises the NZ Catholic Bishop's Conference and its individual members on matters relating to canon law. It may also offer suggestions on canonical matters to the Conference. Contact us

Caritas - the Catholic Agency for Justice, Peace and Development
This is a national office of the NZ Catholic Bishop's Conference. It is responsible for advising bishops on social justice issues and managing the Church's aid and development function. It's part of an extensive network of Catholic social service and development agencies worldwide. Contact us

Carmelites - Secular Order Discalced
These are a liaty who, in the context of home and work live and evangelical life. In the spirit of contemplative prayer and taking the Virgin Mary as model they live according to the teachings and example of St Teresa of Jesus, St John of the Cross and the Carmelite Saints. Contact us

Catholic Charismatic Renewal New Zealand.
Offers opportunities for personal renewal in holiness, through a new acceptance of Jesus Christ by baptism in the Holy Spirit. Opportunities are available through Life in the Spirit Seminars, personal acquaintances, prayer groups, Dove Fellowship for Women, Joshua Fellowship for Men, Rejoice Fellowship for Young People and the healing ministry which offers prayer counselling. Contact us

Catholic Communications
The media office of the NZ Catholic Bishops' Conference. Primary responsibility is to relate the Church to the community through the media and to be a point of contact for enquiries from the media. Available to assist campaign presentations and projects sponsored by the Church offices and commissions. Contact us

Catholic Discipleship College
An Auckland school of formation offering a full-time residential course that runs from Feb-Nov. The college aims tohelp students become effective deciples of Jesus Christ. Open to men and women 18 years and older it offers scriptural, theological and pastoral formation and guidance aimed at producing personal holiness and inspiring effective leadership. Contact us

Catholic Education Centre Wellington
Provides adult education in the archdiocese as well as through distance education. People from the centre support Catholic schools with religious education and character development for school staff and Boards of Trustees. The Centre is a Private Training Establishment registered with NZQA which enables its courses to be accredited. Contact us

Catholic Enquiry Centre
Established in 1960 to promote the faith by advertising in the news media and forwarding information by mail. It is directed by both non-Catholics and inactive Catholics as is supported by prayers and donations. Contact us

Catholic Family and Community Services. Auckland
Provides counselling and social work servies for families, and assistance to parish and community groups who are developing their own local social service initiatives. Contact us

Catholic Institute of Theology. Auckland
The CIT was founded in 1989 as a centre for theological education, enquiry and research within our Catholic and NZ heritage. A range of courese are available. Contact us

Catholic Network of Marriage Educators.
CNME is a national organisation which represents the interests of the marriage educators of the six dioceses. It aims to strengthen and encourage marriage education through the co-ordination and provision of high quality educational programmes and services. Contact us

Catholic Overseas Volunteers - Mahitahi.
The official Catholic agency which enables NZers and others to enter into partnership with the communities of Oceania through the sharing of their gifts and skills. We will seek people with skills and expertise to work in jobs and projects alongside others, to assist them as they journey to achieving their goals. Contact us

Catholic Publication Centre. , Puhoi, North Auckland
We type-set, print & publish books - small or large, hard or soft-cover.
Contact us for Friendly FREE Advice & Quotes.
Publishers of the 'Prayers of the Mass', 'Daily Mass Calander' and many other prayer books.

Catholic Social Services. Wellington
Offers counselling work with individuals, couples and families around a wide range of issues for low or no cost. Also self development programmes in schools and quality referral services are available. Contact us

Catholic Social Services. Christchurch
An agency of the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch responding to the social and emotional needs of the community, promoting justice and empowering families to develop their full potential. Contact us

Catholic Social Services. Dunedin
Operates in the Dunedin Diocese, with a mission to promote healthy relationships and caring communities. It does this by providing a wide range of services. Contact us

Catholic Women's League of NZ Inc.
CWL is a national organisation working in parishes and community assisting missions overseas and at home. CWL aims to enhance the spiritual, intellectual and social growth of its members. Contact us

Christian Family Life Education.
CFLE is a training course for adults in human development and sexuality from a Catholic perspective. While its chief aim is to equip individuals, schools and parishes to be competent and confident educators in this field, the course may also be taken for personal enrichment. Contact us

Commissary of the Holy Land.
Since 1343 the Franciscans have been the official custodians of all those Christian shrines in the Holy Land controlled by the Catholic Church. In order to assist them, 'Commissariats' were established in the 18th century give give financial and/or material aid. A NZ Commissary is now responsible for the monies collected from the Good Friday collection from every Catholic Church in NZ. Contact us

Congregational Leaders' Conference NZ.
A national organisation of leaders of Religious Congregations in NZ. The CLC provides leadership, co-ordination and facilitation to advance the work of member organisations serving the NZ Church. Contact us

Divine Mercy Publications/Trust.
Operates to disseminate the message and devotion of Divine Mercy with particular emphasis on promoting the Feast of Divine Mercy in parishes throughout NZ (2nd Sunday of Easter) now a universal feast for the Church. Contact us

Dove Fellowship for Catholic Women.
A national women's ministry with a gentle charismatic spirituality whose primary focus is leading women to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Contact us

Family Life International. Auckland
FLI spreads the pro-life and pro-family message, offering a total approach to dealing with life issues: abortion, sterilisation, euthanasia, contraception, chastity education. The Auckland office offers free crisis pregnancy counselling, medical care and instruction natural birth regulation. Contact us

Faith & Light NZ.
A Christian community movement for people with intellectual disabilities, their families and friends. It is an international organisation with communities in over 60 countries. Communities meet regularly for prayer, sharing and celebration. F&L believes in the uniqueness of each person and their right to be loved and respected. Contact us

Focolare Movement.
This is a worldwide ecclesial movement of spiritual and social renewal. Gospel based, it aims to build unity everywhere - in families, parishes, workplaces, churches, religions and nations - towards fulfilment of Jesus' prayer "that all may be one". Contact us

Gender Issues Committee.
An agency of the NZ Catholic Bishops' Conference which is a point of reference for Conference when gender related issues need to be addressed. Contact us

Gift Centre - (Growth in Faith Together) Auckland
The GIFT Centre provides education in faith and growth in social skills for intellectually impaired people from 10 years of age to adulthood. Contact us

Good Shepherd College.
This is the theological college established by the NZ Catholic Bishops' Conference and by the NZ Province of the Society of Mary. The college has as its focus the academic formation of candidates for ordained priesthood in the Catholic Church, but it is open to all students who wish to study theology. Contact us

Hearts Aflame Catholic Summer School.
The school is designed to offer people 18-35 years an opportunity to learn more about the teachings of the Church. HA seeks to provide a thorough formation through: an opportunity to deepen ones spiritual life through prayer and sacraments, an experience of living a common life of prayer, service and recreation, a discovery of the richness of Catholic spirituality and tradition, an introduction to theology and scripture. Contact us

The Hibernian Catholic Benefit Society.
A friendly society with a fraternal emphasis. The HCBS offers its members life assurance, funeral benefits, tertiary bursaries and retraining benefits, mortgage and other loan finance, credit union savings, holiday accomodation, and medical and household insurance. 22 branches nationwide. Contact us

ICPE Mission. Wellington
The Institute for World Evangelisation - ICPEM is a Catholic lay Mission committed to a goal of world evangelisation. It is dedicated to the formation and training of Catholics so that they may become more effective evangelisers. The mission centre at St Gerard's Monastry in Wellington, offers Schools of Evangelisation as well as various seminars, school retreats and other ministries. Contact us

Joshua Catholic Men's Fellowship.
A national organisation of men under the authority of the NZ Catholic bishops. We promote the ideals of Catholic men reaching out to God, their households, Church, community and workplaces with a zeal that reflects Christ's presence in their lives. Contact us

Knights of the Southern Cross of NZ Inc.
This is a national Order of Catholic men with 16 branches in 6 dioceses. Through association with similar bodies the KSCNZ have a voice in diocesan, national and international forums. Contact us

Lamb of God Catholic Fellowship.
Its purposes are: to help members live a fervent Christian life and to give witness to Christ in everyday living situations, to carry out works of evangelisation particularly in de-Christianised environments, to form members in the mind of the Church regarding ecumenism, to be of service and work in harmony with the pastoral plan of the dioceses. Contact us

Legion of Mary.
Is an association of lay men and women formed for the purpose of snactifying its members and the strengthening of the Church. Its priority is the spiritual and social welfare of each individual. Members participate in the life of the parish through the visitation of the families, sick people, - both in their homes and in hospital - and through collaboration in every apostolic work and missionary undertaking sponsored by the parish. Contact us

Liturgy Centre. Auckland
A resource centre for liturgical information and practice. The director and staff are available for consultation, workshops and courses. Liturgical resources such as journals, books and tapes are available for reference and loan. The centre publishes a quarterly magazine 'Liturgy'. Contact us

Marriage Encounter. Akld, Hamilton, Palmerston Nth & Wgn Dioceses
A worldwide movement well established in NZ. It is a weekend experience for married couples, priests and religious, centering around communications and a call to a lifestyle that reflects Christ to others. There are no open sharings or group discussions. Contact us

The Nathaniel Centre. (the NZ Catholic Bioethics Centre)
Established in 1999 as an agency of the NZ Catholic Bishops Conference. Bioethics is concerned with the often complex ethical issues surrounding life from its conception to death. The Centre is a resource and advisory centre for the Catholic community, and carries out research to support the Church's pastoral response to bioethical issues. Contact us

National Association of Principals of Catholic Secondary Schools.
Provides spiritual and professional support for its members. Contact us

National Catholic Scout Chaplaincy.
The Chaplaincy to the Scout Association of NZ is an appointment of the Catholic Bishops' Conference. The Chaplaincy co-ordinates Catholic sponsored groups, represents the Church at national level, especially in the area of faith awareness, and serves as a point of contact for the International Catholic Conference of Scouting. Contact us

National Centre for Religious Studies.
NCRS conducts extramural courses for adults in faith development, scripture, Church history, personal development and sexuality. The Centre designs and publishes education-in-faith programmes for use in Catholic schools and parishes. Contact us

National Commission for Ecumenism.
The Commission is an agency of the NZ Catholic Bishops' Conference, which assists and advises the Conference in working for the restoration of unityamong all Christians, alongside other Catholic Bishops' Conferences, and in accordance with instructions on ecumenism issued by the Holy See. Contact us

National Council for Young Catholics.
The Council conveys the concerns of young Catholics and the wider community, coordinates training and support of people in youth ministry and liases with other relevent national bodies. Contact us

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