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My name is Simon.

I specialise in web site construction and total management for Catholic Parishes, and I would like to offer your parish the opportunity of having your own fully managed Parish Website.


Where you donít need to do anything or upskill anyone in the parish to be webmaster. All you need do is email me your weekly Parish newsletter. It's that easy.

I convert the newsletter completely to web page html coding and load it onto your Parish web site each week,

I email a copy of your newsletter to your parishioners every week along with the Sundayís readings well before the weekend Masses.
This is the new way to keep in contact with all Catholics in your parish and is very useful in maintaining a lifeline with non-practicing Catholics in your Parish.

NOT ONLY THAT but we also update the details of:

  • Your various Parish Groups (the meeting dates and leaders to contact)
  • Your Parish Councilors (with photos)
  • Any other news or special events happening in your Parish.

I offer you much more than just a dead website...
itís always up-to-date and alive!

Itís the new communication tool
between you and your parishioners.
Fully pro-active on a weekly basis, it provides an avenue for
feedback, inquiries, bookings and volunteers.

Proven to work for:

  • church bookings
  • new parishioner notification
  • visitor guidance
  • parishioner volunteering for parish working groups
  • and much more...
I can also provide an ĎAsk Fatherí page whereby people can receive meaningful understanding and answers for their queries about their faith.


  • Parish church location and finder map (so visitors can find you)
  • Parish Mass and Reconciliation Times
  • Parish Contact details
  • A history of your Parish
  • A brief of the Sacraments and a reply form
  • A list of the books in your Parish library
  • Links to the Diocesan website, Worshipping Under Southern Skies, World Youth Day, etc
  • Current events, Parish Picnic Photos, etc
  • Weekly church rosters for Liturgy, Eucharist, Cleaning, Flowers, etc
  • A Weekly Timetable of events, meetings, etc
  • A New Parishioner internet notification form
  • An 'Ask Father' question and answer section
  • Anything else you want

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A whole new way of strengthening our Catholic Community
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